Gigs Album

Lake Meade

Zion N.P. Utah

Ribeye, salad, greens!

long way down!

Vegas sunrise

Diggin in Park City!

Who said Rats don't float!

Provo Mts.

Hiking Zion

Looking down the Hoover Dam.

Miss my baby girl Kalani.

Down time

My first flat tire in Colorado

The Colorado River near Glennwood

The Rocky Mountains

Hey, I know that dude!

I can cook too! Tri Tip stir-fry.

American RV Park, Albuquerque, NM

Korean BBQ Ribs and rice.

Tired of digging!

Sunrise over the Sandia Mountains.


Stop lights are backwards!

Hot and humid!

My first injury, in Virginia

Hanging with the Generals in Virginia

Tampa Bay

Yolie and I in Clearwater, FL

Sparta, SC

Mexican food in Georgia, not good!

Waiting for a delivery in Brandon, FL

Grouper sandwich in St Petersburg

A beautiful Florida sunset!

Cathy and I at Lulu's

Digging another ditch, in San Antonio

Mosquitos blues in Mississippi

My daughters Vanessa and I in Dallas

Yolie and I at Bubba Gumps

Virginia Beach

I suddenly got the urge to drown myself!

My young helper, cousin Noah!

A late night dance spot in St. Petersburg.

Making tortillas in Newport News

Motel room breakfast. SC

Home cooked pasta dinner in St. Petersburg.

Looking for quarters to wash!

Johnspass, Fl.

Being silly at Pass a Grill beach. St Pete

Crawling under a Charlotte basement.

Kids love to fish. North Carolina.

Washington Monument

Uncle Abe.

Working at Mark and Finas

Cousins Fina, Toni and Laura Bayardo in Virginia.

Noah Bayardo!

Fina's staircase, in Newport

D.C. brick work.

The subject is only as good as the photographer!

Tarpon, Fla.

Rib-eye for dinner! my favorite!

Yolie and I at Bonefish.

Charleston, SC

Sarasota, Fla.

KOA Pennsylvania.

The Alamo!

New Orleans

Alabama crock!

The lovely Lilly, in Newport News!

Pennsylvania country mill.

The new guy!

long way up in Delaware!

Conde backyard. Virginia

I worked my pants off!

Barry's chic nail bag. To each his own!

On the down-low, somewhere in America!

Overlook view, Philly

Delaware River

Must be the style around here!

Me and Yo-Ga! and two beautiful steaks!

Bed time

Fairmount Park

It saying i am 27 pounds over weight! what do you think?

Philly housing project.

Blogging from the Red Barn Campgrounds

View from my raining tent.

The sunset in Tucson from my front yard.

Pizza Villa, south of Quakertown,Pa. it was delicious!

A rare breakfast out. Dam Good Cafe, Perkasie,Pa. awesome!

An old Pennsylvania country bridge.

Roadside produce stand. Pennsylvania.

Little Red Barn camping

I could take this punk!

Delaware Heights!

I'm Home!

A Mason today.

Best burger so far. Big Lou's, San Antonio

A real Philly cheese steak for Paganos in North Philly

Tony and I having lunch

911 memorial Jersey City

Today Show

Delaware River

Real Mexicans! in Jersey City

My first NYC breakfast!

Hartford, CT

Connecticut Cows!

Putnam, CT

Job hazzards!

Sleeping in my backseat. Not fun.

The Viva Mexico restaurant. Downtown Providence. It was good!

The empty chair in front of me. Again.

My new friend, Tony C and I

Narragansett, RI

East Greenwich library.

Downtown Providence.

Bathroom motto, Bristol, Ct.

Now that's a library

Patriots #1

Lake Mascome, Enfield, NH

Concord cementary

Writing my diary at the park.

Rhode Island

Charlene's green enchiladas!

Sommer, the St. Bernard

Lake Mascomb

Michael's canoes

Crazy Loon!

Charlene stealing a kiss!

Michael Mehegan

Suzcelli's fine food!

Chicos and Suzcelli's gift!

Chico and his bride

Shrewsbury Pizzeria!

Nick at work!

Im afraid! help!

Chicago dog in Maine! Good stuff!

Good morning! wake up time.

Great food, great staff! Greenland, N.H.

Hanging out with the fellas is South Portland.

Maine planter!

Another great find! Portland, Me.

The only moose Ive seen so far!

Harvest moon in Kenny-bunk, Me.

The regulars at Becky's. Portland, Maine.

No words needed.

"You mean i don't have to sleep in my back seat? Awesome!

Vermont Gorge.

Funny looking Poodles!

Adams home cooked chicken and apple dish. Amazing

Quechee Gorge, VT.

Big Bob's fired clams, Vermont, the best so far!

Adam' store, Castle Corners

Good food!


Adam's golf cart, Hubbardton, VT.

Adam and Cianna Treadwell

New York corn field.

Time for bed.

No words!

Lake Bomoseen, Vermont.

Quechee Gorge, VT.

Marble House, Fairview, VT.

Lake Bomoseen.

Getting ready for fall. Finger lakes, N.Y.

White Hall, N.Y.

Lake Ontario, Rochester, N.Y.

Swan scratching an itch. Lake Ontario.

Niagara Falls! awesome.

Real Buffalo wings, courtesy of Beverly and Doug!

Hanging out with the fellas!

Birdseye view

Photo bombing Michigan!

Alden, N.Y.

Alden library.

American falls, Niagara

Best fired wings ever! Nu Wave in Ypsilanti, Mi

Hell was not on my must see places, but what the HELL!

Me and Stacey visiting Hell.

Dale giving the Gigs guy some Golf tips.

Hamburgs famous BLT pizza!

Hiland lake sunset criuse with Captain Sofie.


Cabinet work

Picking raspberries in Brighton

No words. No sides.

Out on the town with my new friends!

Theres not always work, but theres always play!

Russell Backyard. Hamburg, Mi

Hanging with the boys!

Stacey and Jenna helping with the tortillas!

Dale on the ice!

My bandera salsa and guacamole!

Gordy Russell!

An oak tree I planted at the cabin.

River front park, Cincinnati.

A piece of the Berlin Wall in Ohio.

Golds Chili dogs!

Gold Star Staff, Crescent Springs, Ky.

No words needed.

Cinci is a swinging place!

Reading instructions!

Carols garage, Indiana.

Carol, Will and Mason

Four score!

Kentucky billboard!

Mammoth cave

Best tour guide ever!

Ford Theater.